Elementary Student Teaching

Elementary Student Teaching
Supervised, full-day experience to develop and demonstrate competence in teaching at the elementary school level. Observations are conducted and feedback provided throughout the experience as the responsibility for teaching increases across the 10-week experience.
 Hours1.0 - 12.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, Arr Lab
 PrerequisitesPrior application; total GPA of 3.00, at least a C grade in all major and minor courses; FBI fingerprint background clearance.
 NoteSee Education Student Services for application dates.
 TaughtFall, Winter
 ProgramsContaining EL ED 400R
Course Outcomes

El Ed 400R Course Outcomes

Participating in the Public School Setting

The student teacher will:

  • observe and reflect with the intent to improve practice.
  • effectively manage children in all facets of a school setting.
  • increase his or her responsibility until they are operating as the regular classroom teacher.
  • apply knowledge from various content courses as they relate to teaching in an elementary classroom.
  • apply knowledge of various pedagogical methods for planning, teaching, and assessing and when they are most appropriate.
  • demonstrate high levels of professionalism during their student teaching.
  • create a Teacher Work Sample that measures their skills in using contextual factors, planning, assessment, lesson design, interpretation of student performance, and reflection.