Electronics, Computers, and Manufacturing

Electronics, Computers, and Manufacturing
Basics of electricity; behavior and manufacture of resistors, inductors, capacitors, transformers; motors; manufacture of transistors, ICs, MCMs, circuit boards. Computers; digital communications; networking.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 2.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesMATH 112 & PHSCS 121; or PHSCS 105 & PHSCS 107; Phscs 121; or Phscs 105 and 107.
 ProgramsContaining IT 318
Course Outcomes


Describe the basic laws governing electronic circuits, both DC and AC.


Describe the basic safety considerations relevant to electricity.

Electronic components

Describe how resistors, potentiometers, inductors, capacitors, integrated circuits, printed wiring boards (PWBs), assembled PWBs, multi-chip modules, and hybrids are manufactured.


Describe the basic operating characteristics for the following 6 motor types: 1) DC; 2) Stepper; 3) DC Brushless; 4) Universal; 5) AC Induction; 6) Synchronous.

Electronic measuring equipment

Describe the capabilities and limitations of electronic measuring equipment.


Describe the basic characteristics of a computer and how they operate.


Describe how industrial networks operate.