Geography: Global Studies

Geography: Global Studies
Hours41 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan
Program Outcomes

Human and Environmental Processes

Evaluate the core human and environmental processes which create the context for global issues (Geog 110, 120, human and physical geography courses)

Regional Geography

Examine the characteristics of a given place or region vis a vis the physical and human patterns and processes that are present (NGS element: Places and Regions).

Current World Issues

Recommend viable solutions to current world problems based on increased knowledge, understanding, passion and emphathy(Courses: Geog 120, 331, 341, regional courses).

Core geographic knowledge and skills

Understand, explain and apply the NGS-related foundational concepts of Human Societies and Spatiality, Physical Environments, Human-Environmental Interaction, Regional Geography, Critical Spatial Thinking, and Effective Communication.