Capstone Seminar: Writing and Professional Paths in Family History

Capstone Seminar: Writing and Professional Paths in Family History
Research seminar; evidentiary analysis and writing skills in preparing a compiled lineage and exploring professional alternatives in family history, including professional accreditation or certification.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesHIST 439
 ProgramsContaining HIST 482
Course Outcomes

Genealogy Careers

Students will learn about a variety of professional and occupational paths open to the family historian/genealogist and understand the typical work and work setting(s) for a professional genealogical researcher (i.e.: one doing primarily client research).

Evidentiary Concepts

Students will recognize and be able to apply appropriate evidentiary concepts and standards to your genealogical research.

Ethical Standards

Students will understand and apply to practical situations ethical standards of a professional genealogist

Research Methods

Students will refine their genealogical research and writing skills in the following areas: a. preparing and critiquing research projects, b. identifying and using on-site archives, libraries and historical societies, c. use of Internet resources, and d. writing coherent essays.


Students will learn the requirements of and evaluate their status for accrediting as an AG or certifying as a CG

Narrative Family History

Learn to write a narrative family history in compiled lineage format