Native American Studies

Native American Studies
Hours21 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

requirement 1 Complete 2 courses
Core courses:
HIST 386 - (Not currently offered)
HIST 387 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 2 Complete 1 option
Complete 15 hours from at least three disciplines:
option 2.1 Complete 15.0 hours from the following course(s)
ANTHR 317 - (Not currently offered)
HIST 405 - (Not currently offered)
HUM 425R - (Not currently offered)
NAVAJ 102 - (Not currently offered)
SOC 323 - (Not currently offered)
Please note:
Engl 358R must be in a Native American topic.
FLang 102R must be in Navajo or Shoshone.
Hist 495R, 498R, and Soc 390R require approval by NAS coordinator.
Program Outcomes

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.