Romance Language Handwriting and Documents

Romance Language Handwriting and Documents
Interpretation of handwriting in vernacular scripts in the Romance languages of Europe (especially Spanish, French, and Italian), sixteenth through eighteenth centuries, in family history sources.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
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Course Outcomes

Humanistic Style Handwriting

Students will be able to read with fluency documents in the humanistic style handwriting used in much of Europe after 1600, demonstrating transcription and translation techniques and methodologies.

Historical Knowledge of Development of Handwriting

Students will be able to understand basic concepts of paleography and the impacts of language on the historical development of handwriting, with an emphasis on the transition from Latin to the Romance languages.

Latin Scripts and Secretary Style Handwriting

Students will develop familiarity with the most common Latin scripts and secretary handwriting.

Critical Historical Analysis

Students will be able to do research in post-1500 documents and explain their cultural, historical, and legal context, including the legal, ecclesiastical and civil systems behind them, the scripts used and their availability.