Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing
Construction and validation of standardized psychological tests.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 2.5 Lecture, 1.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesPSYCH 210 & PSYCH 307 & PSYCH 308
 NoteMust be taken prior to or concurrently with Psych 310. Contains content featured in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Subject Test.
 TaughtFall, Winter, Spring, Summer
 ProgramsContaining PSYCH 309
Course Outcomes

1. Evaluate psychometric strengths and weaknesses

Students will effectively evaluate the psychometric strengths and weaknesses of individual psychological tests and measurements, using both conceptual and applied metrics.

Measurement: This will be measured by instructors and teaching assistants based on a) multiple choice exams; b) case study evaluations of existing psychological measures; c) application of conceptual and statistical measures to student's own course projects.

2. Create their own psychological measurements

Students will create their own psychological measurements suited to specific theories and hypotheses.

Measurement: This will be measured by instructor evaluation of semester-long course projects that require integration of all course material including a) study design; b) creation of a measure; c) data collection and analysis; and d) written and oral presentation of study findings.