Global Issues of Children at Risk

Global Issues of Children at Risk
Analyzing major challenges facing children and their families globally, including poverty, malnutrition, poor health care, gender-based discrimination, child labor and sexual exploitation, AIDS orphans, child soldiers, and refugees.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 TaughtWinter odd years
 ProgramsContaining SOC W 585
Course Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

1. Gain basic information regarding the current condition of children globally---their challenges and resources.

2. Learn of the global community's acknowledged and unacknowledged obligations to assist the most vulnerable of its children.

3. Become familiar with the international, regional, and national policies and efforts in place to address some of the most difficult challenges.

4. Incorporate a family-based framework into addressing the challenges faced by children, focusing on solutions which emphasize the strengthening of families as a priority.

5. Appreciate the complex nature of the interplay between economic, political, and cultural aspects of the global and national communities which produce, and must be considered in addressing, the problems and challenges that arise out of such interplay.

6. Have a hands-on service experience locally which will illuminate the challenges faced by children globally.

7. Be able to produce a term paper in which he or she will thoroughly explore one topic in depth and present a summary to the entire class.

8. Be tested on the objective knowledge of the student on the topic areas.