Introduction to Ceramics for Non-Majors

Introduction to Ceramics for Non-Majors
Basic throwing, hand-building skills, vocabulary, and technique for non-art majors, including lecture, demonstrations, lab time, slide lectures, some art historical material.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 2.0 Lecture, 4.0 Lab
 TaughtFall, Winter, Spring, Summer
 ProgramsContaining ART 105
Course Outcomes


  • Students will explore examples of historical and contemporary ceramic art and process though lectures, images and other means.

Clay Properties, Vocabulary, and Surface

Students will demonstrate a grasp of the fundamental properties of clay and glaze process. Students will learn applicable vocabulary to discuss surface options and issues they encounter in the formation of ceramic art.

Composition and Design

Students will learn the basics of ceramic forming techniques and design considerations.


Students will learn to evaluate their own sculptural works and that of others through regularly scheduled critiques. Work will be compared to contemporary and traditional standards of thought and practice applied to 3 dimensional art.