Indian Dance: Practice and Theory, Technique 1

Indian Dance: Practice and Theory, Technique 1
Classical India dance technique, primarily in religious-based styles and motifs of Bharatha Natyam, Ganapathi, Allaripu, and Bollywood.
 Hours1.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 TaughtWinter, Spring
 ProgramsContaining DANCE 279
Course Outcomes

Dance Movement Patterns and Styles from India

Students will learn various movement patterns expressing the technique, motifs and rhythmic structure of the four styles.

Posture and Gesture

Students will develop postural and gestural techniques including hand/arm articulation.

Alignment, Precision, Sequencing Exploration

Students will explore proper body alignment, whole body precision, sequencing, eye movement and expression.

Movement Vocabulary

Students will understand the basic movement vocabulary, the significance and context.

Cultural Processes

Students will understand the cultural processes at work on movement practices and structures such as improvisation, composition, tradition and innovation.

Cultural Aspects Experience

Students will experience the ability to comprehend, appreciate and participate in cultural aspects of dance from India.