Issues in Global Communication

Issues in Global Communication
Issues relating to communicating in a global village. Approaches may include global information and policy, cultural imperialism, intercultural interaction, and multinational communication strategies.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesCommunications or international relations major or minor status.
 TaughtContact Department
 ProgramsContaining COMMS 382
Course Outcomes

Global Mass Communications

Students will explore the phenomena of global mass communications, focussing on the role of international communications in the modern world.

Vehicles, Sources, and Audiences of International Communication

Students will examine the diversity of vehicles, sources, and audiences of global communication, as well as the motivations of individuals, governments, and groups involved in the dissemination of information internationally.

21st Century Changes in Global Communication

Students will analyze global change in the Twenty-first Century, including the various instruments for international communication.

Ethics and Diversity in International Communication

Students will discuss ethics in international communication, including the problems of cultural communication between ethnic groups and diverse nationalities.

Socio-Political Challenges and International Communications

Students will examine some of the major political and humanitarian challenges of our times and the impact of international communications upon them.

Technology Development and International Communication

Students will study the technological developments that are making the flow of international information faster and more open, as well as the impediments and obstructions with which some governments and individuals attempt to impede that flow.