Developing Children's Musicality, Grades K--2

Developing Children's Musicality, Grades K--2
Literature-based curriculum design and planning, grades K--2. Issues of pure intonation and vocal/aural development. Microteaching in a demonstration school.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 1.0 Lecture, 2.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesMUSIC 271
Course Outcomes

Technology in Music Education

Students will demonstrate growth in knowledge of the use of technology in music education. In this class you will be asked to
a. use finale to input music for flash cards
b. use the web to investigate music program offerings for young children
c. use the web to locate businesses that specialize in early childhood music books, instruments,
and other equipment for music development and exploration
d. create a song index retrieval system you can use throughout your education career,
e. review interactive music teaching computer programs available for children

Folk Song Analysis

Students will analyze folk songs according to tone sets, scale types, rhythm patterns, and formal structures and create an organized index/retrieval system based on such analysis.

Pitch and Intonation

Students will demonstrate ability to sing children’ s songs with accurate pitch and intonation.

Improvisation and Movement

Students will Improvise on piano and drums, patterns to guide young children’ s movement leading to
awareness of rhythms, meters, and formal structures.


Students will demonstrate ability to accompany on autoharp or guitar, children’ s folk and traditional songs, showing an
understanding of keys and chord patterns.

Dictation, Melody, and Rhythm

Students will take from dictation, folk song melodies and rhythms, and sing with accuracy intervals, pentatonic scales, and modes.

Developmentally Appropriate Learning

Students will be able to explain how children learn, and how they learn music, including an understanding of development at
each age, windows of opportunity for learning certain things, and ages and stages of growth.

Teaching Strategies

Students will demontrate different strategies to effectively teach children using the teaching/learning processes explored in class.