Western American Studies

Western American Studies
Hours18 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

requirement 2 Complete 3 options
Complete one course from three of the following four clusters:
option 2.2 Complete 1 course
Human Heritage Cluster:
option 2.4 Complete 1 course
Arts and Literature Cluster:
ENGL 364 - (Not currently offered)
SPAN 365 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 3 Complete 1 option
Complete additional elective courses (6 hours) to make a total of 18 hours. Electives may be chosen from the courses listed above that have not been used (included in the list below), from the additional courses listed below, or from topical courses on Western themes offered through academic departments or the Honors Program.
option 3.1 Complete 6.0 hours from the following course(s)
ANTHR 317 - (Not currently offered)
ARTHC 345 - (Not currently offered)
ENGL 364 - (Not currently offered)
GEOG 306 - (Not currently offered)
HIST 386 - (Not currently offered)
HIST 387 - (Not currently offered)
SPAN 365 - (Not currently offered)
Program Outcomes

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.