Scandinavian Studies

Scandinavian Studies
Hours12 - 28 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

Complete the prerequisite courses for one of the languages listed below or have equivalent experience.
requirement 3 Complete 1 course
requirement 4 Complete 1 option
Complete six hours from the following list. NOTE: Up to three credit hours of Academic Internship may be used here.
Scand 429 may not be taken by students who have had Iclnd 429.
A literature course taken in the first section above will not double count in this section.
Students who choose Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish courses from the first section above may substitute two semesters of Finnish.
Program Outcomes

Scandinavian Language Proficiency

Progress toward advanced-level proficiency in Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, or Swedish (or intermediate-level proficiency in Finnish) in writing, speaking and listening in a variety of living as well as professional contexts, and reading various text types (newspapers, literature, college-level texts, etc.) with a strong level of comprehension.

Nordic Literature, Culture, and History

Learn to recognize and critically reflect upon key dimensions of Nordic literature, art, society, culture, and history, with an emphasis on appreciating these cultures' artistic production and intellectual histories.

Effective Writing and Analytic Competence

Learn to use writing as a process of discovery by composing essays that demonstrate mature analytic thought, the orderly development of ideas, and vigorous argument.

Lifelong Learning

Develop a lifelong appreciation of Nordic cultures as well as literature while developing attitudes and habits of thought and study that encourage lifelong learning and continued contact with the informed study of Nordic culture.