Seminar in Scandinavian Studies

Seminar in Scandinavian Studies
Topics vary. Includes International Cinema.
 Hours0.5 - 3.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, 0.5 Lab
 PrerequisitesReading knowledge of at least one Scandinavian language.
 TaughtContact Department
 ProgramsContaining SCAND 490R
Course Outcomes


Students will learn to recognize and critically reflect upon a significant dimension of Nordic culture.

Research Arguments and Methodologies

Students will be able to produce original arguments based on sound research methodology.

Subject-Specific Outcomes

Each iteration of this course has more specific outcomes based on the subject matter at hand; those additional objectives are articulated in each instructor's customized syllabus.

Critical Thinking, Analysis, and Writing

Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze cultural artifacts, think critically, and write clearly and persuasively.

Life-Long Learning

Develop a life-long appreciation of Nordic cultures and develop attitudes and habits of thought and study that encourage life-long learning and continued contact with the informed study of culture.