Portfolio Capstone for Writing and Rhetoric Minors

Portfolio Capstone for Writing and Rhetoric Minors
Producing a portfolio of writing projects by writing and rhetoric minors.
 Hours1.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesENGL 322 & ENGL 324; An advanced writing course.
 NoteEngl 400 should be taken during the last semester of the minor.
 TaughtFall, Winter, Spring Contact Department
 ProgramsContaining ENGL 400
Course Outcomes

Interpretation, Evaluation, and Composition

Students will demonstrate their degree of rhetorical competency by submitting the revision of three texts from multiple genres that represent their best use of interpretive, evaluative, and composing skills, texts they originally created during their minor course work, but have revised during this capstone course.

Reflective Essay

Students will demonstrate their degree of meta-cognitive understanding of rhetorical theories, principles and practices by submitting a critical reflective essay that: 1) describes how they define rhetoric as a theoretical concept and why, 2) briefly compares/ contrasts their definition with others that have been espoused throughout rhetoric's history, 3) define's rhetoric's relationship with ethics and explains how to determine "appropriateness," 4) identifies the skills, abilities, and critical judgment they have developed through their study and can now take with them into their future professional, civic and family life, 5) and explains how they have applied rhetorical principles in the personal, professional, (or academic), and public life and will do so in the future.