World Literatures in English

World Literatures in English
Study of the literature of a given world region or culture.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesENGL 251 & ENGL 295
 TaughtContact Department
 ProgramsContaining ENGL 397R
Course Outcomes

Research and Writing Skills

Students form an appropriate research strategy, independently locate relevant digital and print sources, and draw upon these to develop a focused and effective written argument. They produce polished, competent, formal writing, free from distracting errors in mechanics, syntax, and formatting, and in accordance with MLA formatting and citation guidelines.

Literary Analysis

By reading a variety of examples of a particular world literature, students analyze representative world authors and texts, attune to regional and cultural uniqueness with what might broadly be defined as the region's character, cultures, themes, and issues.

Interpretive Contexts

Through classroom activities and assignments, students demonstrate maturing understanding of what differentiates representative world writers, texts, and cultures from one another; simultaneously, they suggest ways in which individual authors and texts have influenced broadly defined world culture and literature.

Ethical Relation

Through classroom activities and assignments, students articulate an increased appreciation for their own identities, a preparedness to read the world literature throughout their lives, and a deeper sense of their responsibilities to fellow Latter-day Saints around the world.