Italian Civilization from 1600 to the Modern Era

Italian Civilization from 1600 to the Modern Era
Survey of institutions, fine arts, and great writers that shaped the history of Italy from the Baroque period to the modern era.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 RecommendedItal 340.
 NoteFulfills GE Arts elective.
 TaughtWinter odd years
Course Outcomes

Periods of artistic expression in Italian History

Become familiar with the major intellectual and artistic traditions of Italy from the Baroque Period to modern times by identifying the chronology and main characteristics of each period listed in the syllabus.

Form, Composition, and Meaning in the Arts

Apply critical concepts, theory, and history to the texts, music, artifacts, and works of art listed in the syllabus to discover, interpret, and evaluate their multiple meanings.

Critical and Aesthetic Judgment

Develop critical skills and informed aesthetic judgment to discuss and analyze the music, architecture, and works of art listed in the syllabus, paying particular attention to their historical or social setting and their place in shaping culture.

Research and Effective Communication in Italian

Locate and evaluate resources relevant to course assignments and apply appropriate methods of investigation (e.g., formulate hypotheses, make valid arguments, use evidence, cope with ambiguity, evaluate competing interpretations), and communicate findings coherently both orally and in writing.