Italian Literature of the Romantic Period

Italian Literature of the Romantic Period
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesITAL 340
 ProgramsContaining ITAL 443
Course Outcomes

Language Ability

Formulate and express both orally and in writing critical arguments about the readings listed in the syllabus. Successful students will place at least at the "Advanced Low" level (ACTFL scale) in speaking, listening, writing, and reading in Italian. For the written expression, successful students will visit the Italian Writing Lab throughout the semester.


Locate and evaluate primary and secondary sources on a specialized topic. Successful students will be able to complete academic research in the library and/or online, and demonstrate knowledge of appropriate bibliographic literary databases, such as the MLA's. Moreover, students will be throughly familiar with MLA conventions (8th ed) for their writing assignments.

Critical Thinking

Articulate and defend their comments in Italian, in research papers. Successful students will be able to critically comment orally and in writing on any of the literary pieces treated during in this course. They will be able to read, understand and analyze all the Italian literary selections listed in this syllabus. They will analyze and critique the three main lines of Italian Romanticism: political, religious, and existential/philosophical.