Advanced Conversation

Advanced Conversation
 Hours1.0 - 5.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, Arr Lab
 PrerequisitesGerm 211R or equivalent experience.
 NoteIntensive vocabulary building and conversation practice. Can be fulfilled through language residency program.
 TaughtFall, Winter, Spring, Summer
 ProgramsContaining GERM 311R
Course Outcomes

Understanding Teacher Instruction

I can show I understand the teacher's instructions by doing what is required.

Comptemporary Issues in German

I demonstrate understanding of contemporary issues in German by participating in discussions about them.

Contents and Interpretations of Novels

I demonstrate understanding of contents and interpretations of a novel by participating in conversations about them.

Communicating Needs

I can communicate my needs.

Summarizing Reading passage

I can summarize reading passages.

Explaining Hard to Understand Concepts

I can explain hard to understand concepts to others.

Synthesizing and Sharing Intrepretations of Reading Passages

I can synthesize and share my interpretation of reading passages in a novel.

Contemporary Issues

I can express my views on contemporary issues using relevant terminology.

Oral Presentations

I can give an oral presentation from prepared notes.

Pronouncing German Consonants

I can pronounce the German consonants correctly.

Pronouncing German Vowels

I can pronounce the German vowels correctly.

Stress Patterns

I can apply the correct stress patterns.

Fluent Speech Rate

I can speak at a fluent speech rate.

Correct Word Endings

I can use the correct word endings (gender, case, number).

Correct Word Order

I can use the correct word order, also in complex phrases.

Using Correct verb forms.

I can use the correct verb forms.

Using Words in Right Context and with the Right Connotations

I can use words in the right context and with the right connotations.

Motivated to Learn German

I am motivated to learn German and show this by giving my best each time.

Language Learning Strategies

I know what works best for me in achieving proficiency and I can use a variety of strategies.

Using German outside of the classroom

I find ways to use German outside the classroom.

Differing Cultural Viewpoints

I keep an open mind to understand cultural differing viewpoints.

Autonomous Language Learning

I can learn grammar points on my own and show this by being prepared for class.


I remember vocabulary by forming useful associations with new words and use these in oral and written communication.