Major German Authors

Major German Authors
In-depth study of one author such as Lessing, Goethe, B.V. Arnim, Kleist, Storm, Rilke, Brecht, Mann, Kafka, or Bachmann.
 Hours1.0 - 5.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 RecommendedGerm 302, 303, 330, 340, 343.
 TaughtFall Contact Department, Winter Contact Department
 ProgramsContaining GERM 442R
Course Outcomes

Participating in Class Discussions

Participate actively in class discussions, having completed reading and writing assignments.Answer questions about the text and to provide insight that contributes to the course discussion.

(Corresponds to German Literature Program Learning Objectives 4 and 5)

Reading, Understanding, and Synthesizing Texts

Students in German seminars will demonstrate that they are able to do the following:

Read, understand and synthesize sophisticated German-language primary and secondary texts (unless the course is being taught in English).

(Corresponds to German Program Learning Outcomes 1 and 5)

Oral Presentations

Provide organized and insightful oral presentations that demonstrate good public speaking skills and a knowledge of technology and etiquette

(Corresponds to German Literature Program Learning Objectives #3)

Speaking and Writing about Intellectually Challenging Topics

Wherever possible, use German to speak and write about intellectually challenging topics.

(Corresponds to German Literature Program Learning Objectives #1 and #2)

Using Secondary Articles to Illuminate Primary Texts

Use ideas and terms from theoretical texts and cultural and historical information from secondary articles to illuminate a primary literary text.

(Corresponds to German Literature Program Learning Objectives #4 and #5)

Research Paper

Write an English-language (or-voluntarily-a German-laguage) final research paper that does the following:

a) identifies a question or problem that is centered in a text

b) answers that question or problem with a hypothetical thesis statement,

c) proves that statement with a well-crafted argument.That argument consists of a series of paragraphs that substantiate specific claims made in the thesis statement and in each paragraph's easily-identifiable topic sentence.

(Corresponds to German Literature Program Learning Objective #3)

Completing Original Research

Complete original research for the research paper, properly citing all sources and including an up-to-date review of literature that shows what new insight the student is bringing to established literary scholarship.Use proper in-text citations, a works cited page, and footnotes or endnotes where appropriate, to give credit to the sources of the ideas in the paper.

(Corresponds to German Literature Program Learning Objective #3)