Senior Seminar in German Language

Senior Seminar in German Language
Culminating senior-level course in which acquired knowledge and critical skills are brought to bear on a selected language topic. In-depth capstone paper on one aspect of topic.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesSenior status.
 TaughtFall, Winter Contact Department
 ProgramsContaining GERM 497R
Course Outcomes

Key Theories and Analyses

General Learning Outcomes for German 497

1. understand and be able to describe keytheories and analyses proposed to account for topics and phenomena related to the relevant field of study investigated in the course, e.g., for the acquisition of new sounds in a second language (L2), contrastive analysis, markedness differential hypothesis, as well as new theories such as Flege's SLM and Best's PAM;

Core Arguments of Published Research

2. be able to identify and explain the core arguments of published research on the topic of study, and be able to interpret and report on the findings outlined in the data and articles studied;

Explaining Individual Beliefs and Views

3. be able to describe and explain our individual beliefs and views on a given topic related to Germanic linguistics discussed in class and be able to reassess our views and beliefs by weighing the evidence presented in published research, defininghow these findings support or contradict our views;

Identifying Relevant Topics in Germanic Linguistics

4. be able to identify atopic of relevance in Germanic linguistics relating to the course topic, and carry out research on the topic by identifyingand understandingthe key articles on that topic and synthesise the findings in a clearly communicated paper and presentation to othersin which the student's points are effectively and logically argued;

Seeking out Sources

5. be able to seek out sources on topics in Germanic linguistics and/or second language acquisition;

Critical Reading, Summarizing, and Communicating

6. be able to critically read, summarise and clearly communicate the core arguments and findings of published research on Germanic linguistics topics related to the course theme by means of an annotated bibliography, paper overview, final paper and presentation;

Identifying Useful Quotes

7. be able to identify useful quotes and data that will help support the thesis of the research and will be able to incorporate quotes and data properly using the conventions used in linguistics; and

Indentifying main Contributors

8. be able to identify the main contributors to researchin the field of study discussed in the course