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MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

It is strongly recommended that StDev 317, a 1-credit-hour course, be taken at the end of the sophomore year or the beginning of the junior year. Because liberal arts degrees provide preparation in a variety of useful fields rather than a single career track, this course is recommended to help liberal arts students focus on specific educational and occupational goals and to identify the career options or educational opportunities available to them. The course will introduce them to the resources needed for accessing information about graduate schools, internships, careers, and career development. Students will learn basic employment strategies, including the steps necessary for obtaining employment related to their own specialty.
For each R course, you may only take one class on any particular figure or topic. For instance, if you wish to take multiple classes of Phil 320R: Studies in Ancient Philosophy, you may only take Plato once, but you may then take Aristotle or Stoicism or any of the other figures or topics listed under Phil 320R.
requirement 1 Complete 4 courses
Sources and Methods courses:
requirement 2 Complete 1 course
requirement 3 Complete 1 course
requirement 4 Complete 1 course
Core Topics in Western Philosophy:
requirement 5 Complete 1 course
Complete one registration of the following Historical Periods course:
requirement 6 Complete 1 course
Complete one registration of the following Historical Periods course:
requirement 7 Complete 1 course
Complete one of the following Historical Period courses (excluding the two specific registrations used to complete the above requirements):
requirement 8 Complete 1 course
Complete one of the following Values and Conduct courses:
requirement 9 Complete 2 courses
Complete two of the following Knowledge and Reality courses:
requirement 10 Complete 6.0 hours from the following option(s)
Complete 6 additional hours (excluding 110, 150, 499R) [with no more than 3 hours of Phil 449R: Philosophy Lecture Series and/or Phil 495R: Directed Readings (1-3:Arr:Arr)]. Students must have a total of 27 credit hours of upper-division course work (300-level or above) in the major.
option 10.1 Complete up to 6.0 hours from the following course(s)
requirement 11 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
requirement 12 Complete 1 course
Senior Seminar:
Program Outcomes

History and Value of Philosophy

Students will be able to identify major philosophical figures, texts, and movements, and understand their historical context, their philosophical interrelations, and their importance.

Assessed 2017

Critical and Effective Reading, Writing, and Communicating

Students will be able to read and think critically about philosophical text; write clear, logically sound, and well-researched essays; and effectively discuss and present philosophical topics.

Assessed 2017

Logic and Metalogic

Students will be able to construct, symbolize, and evaluate proofs in syllogistic logic, truth-functional logic, first-order (quantificational) logic, set-theory and Peano arithmetic; and understand relevant metalogical results.

Assessed 2017

Philosophical and Ethical Applications

Students will be able to use philosophical knowledge and skills to solve theoretical, practical, and ethical problems, and to integrate philosophical principles with religious and moral convictions.

Assessed 2017

Career Preparation

Students will be prepared for further education and employment using their philosophical skills and knowledge.

Assessed 2017