Hours18 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

requirement 3 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
requirement 4 Complete 3.0 hours from the following course(s)
Either Phil 110 or Phil 150 may fulfill this requirement IF it is the first philosophy class a student completes. See the advisement center for assistance.
Note: Philosophy majors are prohibited from adding the Philosophy minor (although they may earn the Logic minor or the Theoretical and Applied Ethics minor).
Program Outcomes

History and Value of Philosophy

1. Identify major philosophical figures and texts, their historical context, their philosophical interrelations, and their importance.

2. Identify the major areas, movements, and issues in the history of Western philosophy.

Assessed 2015

Critical and Effective Reading, Writing, and Communicating

1. Write clear, cogent, logically sound, and well-researched essays.

2. Master and apply principles of informal logic, critical thinking, and critical reading.

3. Master university-level written and oral communication skills.

Assessed 2015

Logic and Metalogic

1. Construct, symbolize, and evaluate proofs in syllogistic logic, truth-functional logic, first-order (quantificational) logic, set-theory and Peano arithmetic.

2. Understand the development of logic, including metalogical results.

Assessed 2015