History and Philosophy of Biology

History and Philosophy of Biology
Development of fundamental generalizations of biology; nature of science; applications to major philosophical issues of current science.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 1.5 Lecture, 1.5 Lab
 PrerequisitesBIO 350
 ProgramsContaining BIO 470
Course Outcomes

History of Biology

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history of biology. This will include an understanding of the major figures and the historical development of modern biology. This will include having read original texts from the periods covered (Aristotle to Current Biology).

Philosophical Issues

Students will also have an understanding of principal philosophical issues confronting modern biology, including major research trends in philosophy of biology. The students will also have a grasp of what 'science' is, how it is practiced, and what expectations for knowledge can be justified using science.

Primary Literature

Students will have the ability to read and write about the primary literature both on the history, and the philosophy, of science. They will have a grasp of the terminology used in philosophy, and how philosophy of biology is currently practiced. Writing will be emphasized.