Normal and abnormal hematology.
 Hours2.5 Credit, 2.5 Lecture, 1.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesMedical laboratory science program acceptance.
 TaughtWinter Term 1
 ProgramsContaining MMBIO 392
Course Outcomes

Laboratory Tests

Perform the full range of clinical laboratory tests in areas such as hematology and play a role in the development and evaluation of test systems and interpretive algorithms
*Relates to Program Learning Outcome: #1

Clinical Responsibilities

Have diverse responsibilities in areas of analysis and clinical decision-making, regulatory compliance with applicable regulations, education, and quality assurance/performance improvement wherever laboratory testing is researched, developed, or performed
*Relates to Program Learning Outcome: #2


Possess basic knowledge, skills, and relevant experiences for the following:

  • Communications to enable consultative interactions with members of the healthcare team, external relations, customer service, and patient education
  • Financial, operations, marketing, and human resource management of the clinical laboratory to enable cost-effective, high-quality, value-added laboratory services
  • Information management to enable effective, timely, accurate, and cost-effective reporting of laboratory-generated information

*Relates to Program Learning Outcome: #3, 4, 5