Physiology and Developmental Biology Teaching Seminar

Physiology and Developmental Biology Teaching Seminar
Undergraduate students teaching small help sections for lecture portion of physiology and developomental biology courses or helping to teach departmental student laboratory.
 Hours1.0 - 3.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, Arr Lab
 PrerequisitesB or above in the specific physiology and developmental biology course; instructor's consent.
 TaughtFall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Course Outcomes

Teaching Experience

Students will develop a more in depth understanding of the subject material of a course by having the students teach the course material to other students.

Mentoring Relationship

Students will develop a close professional relationship with the instructor for the course. The students should perceive that this individual is a mentor.

Oral Communication

Student instructors will increase oral communication skills for instruction by practicing laboratory materials with other undergraduate/graduate and/or mentoring faculty member(s).

Constructive Feedback

Student will receive constructive input from surveys that will be collected from laboratory sections and feedback provided by the graduate student and/or the mentoring faculty member.