Landscape Management

Landscape Management
Hours65.5 - 69.5 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 3 Complete 1 course
CHEM 105 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 5
A management minor is strongly recommended:
Completion of the following courses (some listed above) will meet the requirements for this minor: Acc 200; Bus M 371R, 489; Econ 110; Fin 201; Math 110; Org B 320; Stat 221.
The following courses are also suggested: Bus M 372; M Com 320, StDev 150.
For students planning to pursue a master's degree in landscape architecture (MLA), the following courses are also recommended: Bio 350; CFM 105; Geog 212, 310, 422; PWS 380; Tech 201, 202.
For students planning to pursue a master's degree in (MS) the following courses are recommended: Chem 106, 107, 351, 352, 481; Engl 316; Math 119 or Stat 221; Phscs 105, 106; PWS 440, 513.
Program Outcomes

Landscape Management and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Identify, reflect on, and articulate personally significant experiences that strengthen the desire to incorporate the gospel of Jesus Christ in managing and creating beautiful landscapes

Career Preparation

Effectively compete for the best employment positions, including leadership in national organizations, that are available to college graduates, including self-employment.

Landscape Practices

Lead and practice with a knowledge of landscape contracting at the local and national levels.

Landscape Design, Construction, and Management

Demonstrate competence in each of the three main areas of landscape contracting: design, management and installation.

Academic and Professional Preparation

Demonstrate preparation to excel in a variety of graduate programs related to landscape management.