Soils and Water in the Urban Environment

Soils and Water in the Urban Environment
Principles of water management, soil physics, and soil fertility used in a problem-solving environment addressing current challenges in managing soils and water in the urban landscape.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 2.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesPWS 100 & PWS 282 & PWS 283
 ProgramsContaining PWS 402
Course Outcomes

Complete Five Case Studies

Students will apply concepts assimilated in previous courses to solve problems associated with at least five real world case studies. By assignment, eachwill develop an assessment matrix for use in problem solving situations encountered in their future careers.

Competency in Soil and Water Management Principles in the Ur

A primary goal of this course is for students to greatly increase their knowledge base of scientific principles related to plant, water, soil, nutrient, and pest management. This will be assessed by examination at beginning and end of semester with a target of at least doubling of average scores.

Develop Oral and Written Communication Skills

Students will successfully writeseveral documents, including a research paper and diagnostic key at an upperclassmen level of writing. Students will actively participate in team problem solving and a Group presentation.

Portfolio Development

Students will develop at least one individual and group item to add to their portfolio. Development of a diagnostic key, writing an evaluation paper, development of a group presentation and completion of a semester project could each contribute to portfolios.