Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development
Client- and server-side programming. Internet and Web-based applications. Enterprise systems and architectures.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesIS 401 & IS 402 & IS 403
 ProgramsContaining IS 413
Course Outcomes

Current Events

Read current events and think critically about them as an IS professional. You'll be given a weekly quiz on current events, and we'll routinely discuss them in class.

Develop Information Systems in Group Setting

Learn to develop information systems within group settings. The entire semester is based around INTEX II, an intense, group project. You'll need to develop a complex information system clear through implementation and testing.

Work as Leaders and Group Members in Development Teams

Work as leaders and as group members in development teams. You should have opportunity during the semester to work as leader of your team as well as a regular group member. For each phase of the project, pick a leader who will make sure things happen as they should.

Develop Time Management Expertise

Develop time management expertise within intense development projects. The project this semester will be intense--just like projects are in the real world. The semester will give you a chance to further develop your time management skills.

Learn Enterprise System Development Principles

Learn enterprise system development principles and patterns. We'll use best practices models and methods of enterprise development, such as business objects, data layers, and object-relational mappings to develop the project.