Research in Mathematics Education

Research in Mathematics Education
Undergraduate research experience. Faculty-supervised research. Written and oral presentation of findings required.
 Hours1.0 - 3.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, Arr Lab
 RecommendedMthEd 117, 218, Sc Ed 276R.
 TaughtContact Department
Course Outcomes

Engaging in Research

Students have a deeper understanding of the nature, design, and methods of research in the field of mathematics education; can make valuable contributions under limited supervision to the data collection and/or data analysis stages of faculty-directed mathematics education research; and can communicate their understanding of research in general, as well as of this specific research, through a scholarly oral or written report.

Applying Understanding from Research

Students have a deeper understanding of a key issue or problem in the field of mathematics education, and can use this new understanding to reevaluate their past and present experiences in mathematics classrooms, make connections to other important issues and problems in mathematics education, function more effectively in their role as an undergraduate research assistant, and/or reimagine their future experiences as a mathematics teacher.

Relating to Research

Students can identify their personal strengths and weaknesses in regards to conducting research in mathematics education, and have a sense for whether or not they would like to pursue more research opportunities through graduate study.