Key to the Catalog

Course Numbering System

A course's level of instruction is shown by the number assigned to it:

Course NumberType of Course
1 to 99Preparatory and remedial (noncredit)
100 to 299Lower-division
300 to 499Upper-division
500 to 599Advanced undergraduate or graduate
600 to 799Graduate

    Credit-Hour Designations

    One semester hour of credit generally includes a minimum of one hour of instruction per week in a semester or two hours of instruction per week in a term (e.g., generally a three-hour class will meet at least three hours per week for a semester). 

    Credit hourSemester hours of credit
    Lecture hourClass hours of lecture, recitation, or seminar meeting per week
    Lab hourLaboratory hours required per week or hours of field study or individual
    research per week, beyond the hours shown in the second number

      Abbreviations and Symbols

      The following abbreviations and symbols are used in the course listings:

      A,BIndicate parts of a course to be taken in separate enrollments.
      Arr.Credit, class, or laboratory hours arranged
      ea.Credit-hour designation applies to each registration
      MMajors-only course
      RDesignates a course that may be repeated for credit. Two R courses with the same
      number on a transcript are treated as two independent courses. An R course cannot be
      repeated to raise the grade received; all grades will be counted because it is assumed
      that the subject matter varies from time to time.

        When Courses Are Offered

        The following words or phrases are used on some courses to indicate when the course will be taught:

        FallFall semester
        WinterWinter semester
        Spring-SummerIncludes spring term, summer term, and semester-length offerings
        Even Fall, Even Winter, etc.Course taught on even-numbered years in semester/term indicated
        Odd Fall, Odd Winter, etc.Course taught on odd-numbered years in semester/term indicated
        First termCourse taught on the term(first half of semester) as indicated
        Second termCourse taught on the term (second half of semester) as indicated
        On demandCourse may be taught if enough students are interested and an
        instructor is available

        Subject Areas and Abbreviations

        Subject Area Abbreviation
        Accounting ACC
        Aerospace Studies AEROS
        Afrikaans AFRIK
        American Heritage A HTG
        American Sign Language ASL
        American Studies AM ST
        Ancient Near Eastern Studies ANES
        Anthropology ANTHR
        Arabic ARAB
        Art ART
        Art Education ARTED
        Art History and Curatorial Studies ARTHC
        Asian Studies ASIAN
        Biology BIO
        Bulgarian BULGN
        Business Administration MBA
        Business Management BUS M
        Cantonese CANT
        Chemical Engineering CH EN
        Chemistry and Biochemistry CHEM
        Chinese - Mandarin CHIN
        Civil and Environmental Engineering CE EN
        Classical Civilization CL CV
        Classics CLSCS
        Communication Disorders COMD
        Communications COMMS
        Comparative Literature CMLIT
        Computer Science C S
        Computer Science Animation CSANM
        Construction and Facilities Management CFM
        Counseling Psychology and Special Education CPSE
        Czech CZECH
        Dance DANCE
        Danish DANSH
        Design DES
        Design - Animation DESAN
        Design - Graphic Design DESGD
        Design - Illustration DESIL
        Design - Photography DESPH
        Digital Humanities and Technology DIGHT
        Dutch DUTCH
        Early Childhood Education ECE
        Economics ECON
        Educational Leadership and Foundations EDLF
        Electrical and Computer Engineering EC EN
        Elementary Education EL ED
        Engineering Technology ENG T
        English ENGL
        English as a Second Language ESL
        English Language ELANG
        European Studies EUROP
        Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA
        Exercise Sciences EXSC
        Family, Home, and Social Sciences FHSS
        Finance FIN
        Fine Arts FNART
        Finnish FINN
        Foreign Language Courses FLANG
        French FREN
        Geography GEOG
        Geological Sciences GEOL
        German GERM
        Greek (Classical) GREEK
        Health Science HLTH
        Hebrew HEB
        History HIST
        Honors Program HONRS
        Humanities College HCOLL
        Hungarian HUNG
        Icelandic ICLND
        Industrial Design INDES
        Information Systems IS
        Information Technology IT
        Instructional Psychology and Technology IP&T
        Interdisciplinary Humanities IHUM
        International and Area Studies IAS
        International Cinema Studies ICS
        International Relations IR
        Italian ITAL
        Japanese JAPAN
        Korean KOREA
        Latin (Classical) LATIN
        Latin American Studies LT AM
        Latvian LATVI
        Law LAW
        Life Sciences LFSCI
        Linguistics LING
        Linguistics Computing LINGC
        Lithuanian LITHU
        Management Communication M COM
        Manufacturing MFG
        Marriage and Family Therapy MFT
        Marriage, Family, and Human Development MFHD
        Mathematics MATH
        Mathematics Education MTHED
        Mechanical Engineering ME EN
        Microbiology and Molecular Biology MMBIO
        Middle East Studies/Arabic MESA
        Military Science MIL S
        Music MUSIC
        Near Eastern Languages NE LG
        Near Eastern Studies NES
        Neuroscience NEURO
        Norwegian NORWE
        Nursing NURS
        Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science NDFS
        Organizational Behavior ORG B
        Philosophy PHIL
        Physical Education Teacher Education PETE
        Physical Science PHY S
        Physics and Astronomy PHSCS
        Physiology and Developmental Biology PDBIO
        Plant and Wildlife Sciences PWS
        Polish POLSH
        Political Science POLI
        Portuguese PORT
        Psychology PSYCH
        Public Management MPA
        Public Policy P POL
        Recreation Management RECM
        Rel A - Ancient Scripture REL A
        Rel C - Church History and Doctrine REL C
        Rel E - Religious Education REL E
        Romanian ROM
        Russian RUSS
        Scandinavian Studies SCAND
        School of Family Life SFL
        Secondary Education SC ED
        Slovenian SLN
        Social Work SOC W
        Sociology SOC
        Spanish SPAN
        Statistics STAT
        Student Activities STAC
        Student Development STDEV
        Swedish SWED
        Teacher Education T ED
        Teaching English Language Learners TELL
        Technology TECH
        Technology and Engineering Education TEE
        Theatre and Media Arts TMA
        Ukrainian UKRAI
        University Requirements UNIV
        Welsh WELSH
        Women's Studies WS
        Writing WRTG