BYU Salt Lake Center

BYU Salt Lake Center
Department Information
345 West North Temple Street, 3 Triad Center, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84180-1203

The BYU Salt Lake Center, a department within the Division of Continuing Education, extends the Provo campus into the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas in offering 150 undergraduate university courses each semester. Most courses are conveniently held during the afternoon and evening hours to accommodate the schedules of 1,200 full- and part-time students who attend each semester. Students register for BYU Salt Lake Center classes using the university's online registration system.

Students not admitted to Brigham Young University are welcome to take classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center if they have earned a high school diploma (or passed the GED), are willing to abide by the Church Educational System Honor Code and the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards, receive an ecclesiastical endorsement, and are cleared for enrollment at the center.

Students formally admitted to BYU's Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program may complete university core (religion and general education) and required emphasis courses at the Salt Lake Center without further clearance. For admission and program details see the Bachelor of General Studies section in this catalog.

The EMPA (Executive Master of Public Administration), and EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) programs are also offered at the center, enabling students to pursue graduate degrees by continuing to work during the day. For admission and program details see the Graduate Catalog.

Class schedules for each semester or term are listed in the BYU class schedule, at, and in the university's online registration system.