Teaching Math to Students with Disabilities

Teaching Math to Students with Disabilities
Research-based methods for teaching mathematics to students with disabilities.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesAdmission to special education program; CPSE 403 or equivalent.
 ProgramsContaining CPSE 462
Course Outcomes

Utah Common Core for Math

1. Access and use the common core standards for assessment, lesson planning, and individualized instruction for math.

Cognitively Guided Instructon

2. Create and teach lesson plans using cognitively guided instruction to teach core math skills.

Curriculum-based assessment (CBA) for math

3. Administer and score curriculum-based assessments for math core standards in grades K-6.

IEP PLAAFPs from CBA data

4. Write standards-based Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) statements and measurable annual IEP goals based on math CBA data for mulitple math core domains.

Instructional units and daily lesson planning

5. Write instructional unit goals to address annual IEP goals for multiple math core domains. Write daily lesson plans to address each unit goal.

Unit and lesson curriculum-based measurements

6. Create curriculum-based measurements for units and daily lessons.

Direct instruction for math

7. Create and teach direct instruction lessons for unit daily objectives.

Data systems for monitoring student progress

8. Design and implement data recording systems for monitoring student progress toward lesson objectives, unit goals, and annual IEP goals..