Dual-Language Immersion K-12 Teaching

Dual-Language Immersion K-12 Teaching
Hours20 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

This minor is designed to prepare students to teach in public schools. A teaching minor may only be received by students graduating with a teaching major. In order to graduate with this minor, students are required to complete Utah State Office of Education licensing requirements. To view these requirements go to http://education.byu.edu/ess/licensing.html or contact Education Student Services, 350 MCKB, (801) 422-3426.
Non-language teaching majors and minors: Students must pass the OPI at an advanced-mid level and the Praxis in the target language before they can start the Dual-Immersion minor. If a student does not pass, the student will be encouraged to take a conversational class in the language before taking the OPI and Praxis again and applying for the minor.
Language teaching majors and minors: Students must take the OPI and Praxis before TELL 435. If a student does not pass, the student will be encouraged to take a conversational class in the language. If an instructor believes a student could pass OPI before taking TELL 445, they can make the decision to allow the student into the class. However, if they don't pass the OPI and/or Language Praxis, they will not be allowed to continue on to TELL 445.
Courses must be taken in sequential order and no more than two TELL courses can be taken in the same semester/term.
For students accepted into the major after August 1, 2014, grades below C in any required coursework in a teaching major or teaching minor will not be accepted. Teacher candidates must maintain a total GPA of 3.0 or higher throughout the program and to qualify for student teaching. For details on admission and retention requirements for teaching majors and teaching minors, see Educator Preparation Program Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.
A multicultural course is required for this minor and must be taken before or concurrently with TELL 410. El Ed and ECE majors should take El Ed 202; secondary education majors should take Sc Ed 353.
requirement 1 Complete 4 courses
Note: Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education students will take El Ed 213 rather than TELL 420.
requirement 2 Complete 1 course
Complete the following after completing the core courses above:
requirement 4 Complete 4.0 hours from the following course(s)
Complete the following after all the above courses have been completed:
Program Outcomes

Please contact the individual department for outcome information.