Language and Literacy Instruction in K-12 Dual Immersion Settings

Language and Literacy Instruction in K-12 Dual Immersion Settings
Theory and rationale for developing language and literacy in two or more languages. Focus on the development of literacy instruction, including theory and methods applicable to K-12 dual language immersion classrooms.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 2.0 Lecture, 1.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesFLANG 300 & TELL 410 & TELL 420; or FLANG 300 & TELL 410 & EL ED 213; OPI (Advanced-Mid), FBI fingerprint background clearance.
 ProgramsContaining TELL 435
Course Outcomes

TELL 435 Course Outcomes

The students will:

  • identify the historical and legal foundations of bilingual/dual-immersion education and relate these to specific requirements and procedures in Utah.
  • identify different models of bilingual/dual-immersion programs in relation to characteristics of effective instructional practices in a variety of content subjects.
  • identify and be able to articulate theories and philosophies of literacy development and language acquisition in a second language specific to teaching in bilingual/dual-immersion contexts.
  • implement techniques, strategies, and tasks related to the teaching of content literacy and language in bilingual or dual-immersion programs.
  • create meaningful lesson plans and activities that demonstrate appropriate decision making procedures to meet bilingual/dual-immersion educational program needs.