(CE En-Me En) Plasticity and Fracture

(CE En-Me En) Plasticity and Fracture
Tensor algebra; stress and deformation tensors; relationships between dislocation slip, yielding, plastic constitutive behavior, and microstructure development; cracks and linear elastic fracture mechanics.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesCE EN 203 & ME EN 250 & MATH 303; Senior standing or instructor's consent.
 ProgramsContaining CE EN 503
Course Outcomes

Crystal Structure and Material Defects

Identify and describe the influence of crystal structure and material defects on tensile and fracture properties.

Stress Concentration

Describe the effects of a stress concentration as well as its influence on the fracture and fatigue life of a structural member.

Griffith Crack Criteria

Describe the principles of the Griffith Crack Criteria and its application to brittle materials, and its extension to ductile materials.

Failure Design Philosophy

Describe the Failure Design Philosophy and apply it to materials selection in an engineering application.

Member Life Prediction

Predict the life of a structural member of known material properties given the loading conditions and a known flaw size.

Impact of Microstructure Features

Describe the impact of various microstructure features on tensile, fracture and fatigue properties.

Class Selection

Select an appropriate material class given functional requirements, fatigue and fracture.