Civil Engineering Practice

Civil Engineering Practice
Cash-flow diagrams. Present worth and annual payments comparison of engineering alternatives. Sustainability of engineering projects in terms of environmental, social, and economic impact (triple-bottom-line). Teamwork and leadership development. Economic, political, and cultural impact of globalization on civil engineering in the USA and other countries. Research and triple-bottom-line evaluation of specific civil engineering projects throughout the world.
 Hours1.0 Credit, 1.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 Prerequisites12 credit hours from CE En 304, 306, 321, 332, 341, 351, 361; or concurrent enrollment.
 ProgramsContaining CE EN 471B
Course Outcomes

Triple Bottom Line

1(h) Perform a triple bottom line analysis of a civil engineering project by evaluating social, environmental, and economic impact.

Information Discovery

2(i) Learn about an existing civil engineering project by gathering and organizing information from published literature and the internet.

Global World

3(j) Understand the changing roles of the USA and another country in the modern world in both contemporary society and civil engineering.

Engineering Economics

4(l) Explain the time value of money, construct cash-flow diagrams, and perform present worth or annual payments analysis of alternatives.