Global Engineering Outreach Projects

Global Engineering Outreach Projects
Humanitarian-based engineering and technology project development involving multi-disciplinary teams.
 Hours0.5 - 3.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, Arr Lab
 PrerequisitesEngineering or technology major enrolled in upper-division major courses; instructor's consent.
 TaughtFall, Winter
 ProgramsContaining ENG T 497R
Course Outcomes

Problem Solving

Gain experience in the design process that includes innovative problem solving skills applied to the design and implementation of global projects in developing regions of the world in the context of real needs, constraints, and opportunities.

Global Engineering

Demonstrate an appreciation for global aspects of engineering, including social and technical constraints related to design and the importance of sustainability.

Teamwork and Leadership

Demonstrate effective teamwork and leadership skills and an appreciation for other disciplines both within and outside of engineering as they work together on interdisciplinary teams.


Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills in the reporting of work, particularly to entities or individuals in countries in which projects are implemented.

Social Innovation

Gain experience in how to be involved in social innovation as they progress through their careers.