European Jews and the Holocaust

European Jews and the Holocaust
Attempted genocide of European Jews by Hitler's Third Reich; motives, methods, and implications.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
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 ProgramsContaining HIST 315
Course Outcomes

Research Literature

Analyze key issues that informed the Holocaust, the context and processees related to it, and to engage with the debates ignited by its legacy. Further develop proficiency in using the historical method of research effectively by skillfully and honestly using primary and secondary sources.

Historical Knowledge of Genocide of European Jews

Study the genocide of European Jews by Hitler's Third Reich and to explore the motives, methods, and implications of this, as well as the fundamental questions thrown into relief by it.

Critical Analysis

Foster specific skills of critical thinking, argumentative and narrative writing, as well as careful reading. Analyze historical questions and issues clearly, assess historical information accurately and distinguish between questionable and valid historical assertions.

Analytical Writing

Skillfully integrate data into coherent arguments expressed through a clear, well-written style in exams, papers, and class discussion.