Family History - Genealogy

Family History - Genealogy
Hours55 - 77 Credit Hours
MAPMajor Academic Plan

Program Requirements

requirement 1 Complete 1 course
Complete one course from the following in fulfillment of the University Core First-Year Writing requirement. Note: Waivers based on Advanced Placement (AP) or other test scores do not apply to this requirement. Students with AP credit for Engl 115 should take Phil 150 or Wrtg 150.
requirement 2 Complete 1 course
Complete one course from the following in fulfillment of the University Core Languages of Learning requirement. NOTE: These courses, and their prerequisites, impart linguistic or quantitative skills advantageous to historical research. If a language other than those listed is used for this requirement, see the college advisement center.
HEB 431 - (Not currently offered)
HONRS 250 - (Not currently offered)
PORT 315 - (Not currently offered)
SRBCR 330 - (Not currently offered)
requirement 3 Complete 2 courses
Complete the following in fulfillment of the university core Civilization 1 and 2 requirements:
requirement 4 Complete 2 courses
Complete the following (may be used as partial fulfillment of the University Core Doctrinal Foundation and Religion requirement):
requirement 5 Complete 4 courses
NOTE: Hist 200, 217, and 317 should be completed no later than the sophomore year or in the first semester/term after the major is declared. Majors should consult with the family history coordinator soon after declaring. Hist 200 and 490 combined satisfy the University Core Advanced Written and Oral Communications requirement.
requirement 6
Hist 220 must be completed as a college/university course and cannot be fulfilled with AP or other test scores. Contact your academic advisement center with questions.
requirement 12 Complete 1 course
Complete one course from list of history courses that (1) does not appear above and (2) relates to your selected geographical area of emphasis. Seek faculty advice in choosing electives.
requirement 13 Complete 1 course
Note: It is recommended that students select the section designated for family history majors only; offered annually.
Program Outcomes

Effective Genealogical Research

Demonstrate proficiency in using genealogical research methodology through informed and honest use of primary and secondary sources and by incorporating knowledge of the historical context.

Historical Knowledge

Gain a historical consciousness by demonstrating a knowledge of major developments in American and world history and understand key historical terms and theories.

Genealogical and Historical Analysis

Acquire the ability to analyze genealogical and historical questions and issues clearly, assess historical and genealogical information accurately, and distinguish between questionable and valid historical and genealogical assertions.

Effective Communication

Skillfully integrate data into a coherent argument expressed through a clear, well-written style and through oral communication.