Historical Literacies in United States History

Historical Literacies in United States History
Historical literacy within the context of U.S. history; preparation of instructional materials and field experiences for elementary and secondary education students.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 ProgramsContaining HIST 397
Course Outcomes


Prospective teachers will identify methods for helping their pupils develop a more sophisticated understanding of the nature of hisotyr as a discipline.


Prospective teachers will identify instructional strategies that help students approach historical inquiry from a more mature epistemic stance.


Prospective teachers will consider the heuristics historians use in engaging in historical inquiry and how students can be taught to use these heuristics.


Prospective teachers will consider the wide variety of textual genres that historians and archeologists use as evidence about the past.


Prospective teachers will consider second order concepts, or metaconcepts, that pupils must understand in order to become historically literate.


Prospective teachers will practice instructional methods that biuild students' ability to make inferences, engage in historical empathy, and engage in perspective taking, and other skills associated with historical literacy.


Prospective teachers will explore instructional strategies that help students use historical evidence to support their independently developed historical interpretations.


Prospective teachers will engage, as students, in model activities designed to build the participants' ability to read, reason, and write with historical texts.


Prospective teachers will create a series of text sets, including primary sources, that they will be able to use to build their students' historical literacies.


Prospective teachers will construct lesson plans and will execute these plans in elementary and/or secondary classrooms.


Prospective teachers will reflect on methods for improving their instructional activities.


Prospective teachers will review through documents and artifacts major themes in US history.


Prospective teachers will explore options for curriculum mapping in developing a scope and sequence for a US history course.