The History of Mexico

The History of Mexico
The historical evolution of Mexico including pre-Colombian civilizations, the Spanish conquest, the colonial era, national formation, and the modern Mexican state. The impact of foreign relations on Mexican society.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 ProgramsContaining HIST 326
Course Outcomes

Historical Knowledge of Mexico (Pre-Colombian-National Era)

Students will gain an understanding of the challenges Mexico faced during the transitions from pre-Colomiban empires to the colonial period, as well as from the colonial period to the national era.

Research Literature

By way of supplementary readings and writing assignments, students will gain a stronger understanding of the social andcultural issues in Mexican history that have been shaped by the nation's unique political and economic conditions.

Historical Knowledge of Mexico (20th century)

Students will gain an understanding of the principle factors that created and transformed modern Mexican society, principally the Porfiriato, the Mexican Revolution, and the modern Mexican state structure (twentieth century).

Analytical Writing

Students will explore the scholarship and sources for a single issue in Mexican history, producing a research paper based on primary and secondary sources

Critical Debates

Students will develop oral proficiency in debating controversialhistorical and contemporary issues during class discussion, including debates on decisive factors in the Spanish conquest, immigration, and bi-national solutions to drug trafficking.