Administering Programs for Young Children

Administering Programs for Young Children
Strategies for planning and administering quality programs in settings for young children. Budgeting, staffing, accrediting, selecting equipment, etc.
 Hours2.0 Credit, 2.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesSFL 222
 TaughtContact Department
Course Outcomes

Research and Evaluation Methodologies

Develop strategies for assessing, recording, and reporting children's progress as well as evaluating the overall effectiveness of the program.

Critically evaluate ways to contribute to the profession by addressing the individual needs of the families; influencing public policy; and becoming involved in research.

Content and Theory

Demonstrate how to operationalize appropriate curriculum based on your understanding of development and be able to critically design early childhood programs.

Plan the physical environment including financing and budgeting of an early childhood program.

Obtain information and guidelines on nutrition, health, and safety services for young children.