K-12 Classroom Management, 3D Methods, and Community Arts Practicum

K-12 Classroom Management, 3D Methods, and Community Arts Practicum
K-12 classroom management, teaching, and 3D ceramics methods within a variety of contexts, including museums, community arts sites, after school programs, and summer art workshops. The course includes 15 K-12 practicum hours.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesARTED 276
 TaughtWinter, Summer
 ProgramsContaining ARTED 378
Course Outcomes

Teacher Observations

Experience observing and teaching in elementary and secondary school settings prior to the student teaching semester.

Student Teacher Preparation

Participate in BYU McKay School of Ed Secondary Education transition and student teacher preparation by using INTASC standards, PIBS self-assessment and LiveTEXT enrollment.

National, State, and Local Requirements

Consider the National Standards in Art Education and state and local core requirements in art as foundations for research content, instructional design, production and presentation.

Classroom Management

Investigate and implement a variety of classroom management practices particular to art education classes in schools (art supply management, art classroom safety and legal considerations will be included.)

Curriculum Planning

Create curricula and documents such as the two lesson plans for teaching in schools, Classroom Management Handbook and the TWS contextual factors, Professional Portfolio with Vitae and Rationale for teaching art to use for implementation in student teaching and lifelong education service.

Diversity in Learning Environments

Respect diversity in the schools and value the establishment of learning environments where future artstudents can actively learn and create to their fullest potential.