Contemporary Modern Dance, Technique and Theory 2

Contemporary Modern Dance, Technique and Theory 2
 Hours2.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 6.0 Lab
 TaughtFall, Winter, Summer
 ProgramsContaining DANCE 241R
Course Outcomes

Appreciating the Human Body

1. Articulate a knowledge and appreciation of the human body regarding physical function, spirituality, and as a tool of expressivity.

Technical Ability

2. Demonstrate increased technical ability in the areas of:

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • endurance
  • balance
  • coordination
  • phrasing
  • dance performance skills
  • applying the Patterns of Total Body Connectivity
  • kinesthetic awareness of body alignment

Elements of Dance

3. Demonstrate knowledge, fundamental control, and application of the elements of dance (as defined by the BEST and BESS vocabularies).

Dance Appreciation

4. Articulate an appreciation for dance as an art form.