Music Dance Theatre Choreographic Styles

Music Dance Theatre Choreographic Styles
Physical and conceptual aspects of dance styles as they relate to music dance theatre.
 Hours2.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 6.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesDANCE 231R & DANCE 244R & DANCE 291R; Dance 235, 243R, 229.
 ProgramsContaining DANCE 361
Course Outcomes

Music Dance Theatre Styles

Students will:

1. Be able to reproduce specific Music Theatre dance styles with clarity. Sequences to be mastered will come from a variety of sources – instructor, guests, and fellow students.

MDT Choreographer or Style Specialization

2. Acquire knowledge on a specific historical or current Music Theatre choreographer or appropriate style that is pertinent in the field of Music Theatre.

Professional Auditioning Techniques

3. Increase better understanding of techniques used for professional auditioning.

Choreography Skills

4. Gain specific skills to produce original choreography that can be used in Musical Theatre.

Religion and Music Theatre

5. Develop more understanding of a relationship between religion and the role of Music Theatre in culture and society.