World Dance Choreography

World Dance Choreography
Fundamental choreographic structure emphasizing visual, kinesthetic, and musical aspects in World Dance.
 Hours2.0 Credit, 0.0 Lecture, 4.0 Lab
 TaughtFall even years
 ProgramsContaining DANCE 377
Course Outcomes

Compositional Elements

1. Students will learn technical elements, process and crafting principles of composition, such as: transitions, traditional formations, dynamic structure, stylistic coherence, form, musical dynamics and phrasing.

Form Aesthetic Criteria and Critical Eye

2. Students will develop a critical eye in analyzing and forming own aesthetic criteria.

Ethno-choreographic Elements

3. Students will discover ethno-choreographic elements of a particular style or cultural group.


4. Students will address issues of authenticity versus creativity, traditional versus contemporary.

Document Choreography

5. Students will learn to document choreography.