Design Thinking

Design Thinking
Designed in sequence with the freshman core, will focus on the critical thinking and creative problem-solving strategies utilized in design. Students will hone critical thinking, conceptual development, and craft through various design projects.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 3.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesPre-graphic design, pre-illustration, pre-photography, pre-design, pre-ARTED major/minor status.
 RecommendedConcurrent enrollment in DES 111, 114, 115.
 ProgramsContaining DES 117
Course Outcomes

Design Practice

Students will be able to understand the diverse methods employed in design thinking and establish a workable design thinking framework to use in their practices.

Design Theory and Criticism

Students will be able to examine critical theories of design, systems thinking, and design methodologies.

Design Thinking

Students will be able to demonstrate sound thinking, creative inquiry, and diverse modes of reasoning-visual, perceptual, conceptual, inductive, deductive, analytical, logical, critical, organizational, and creative-through discussion and writing.

Creative Discovery

Students will be able to solve problems and address social concerns with innovative approaches to design and exploratory methodologies.

Communication, Beliefs, and Ethics

Students will be able to recognize the role of the individual designer in delivering meaning through design thinking and discuss the central role of beliefs and ethics in visual communication through art and design.