Illustration 2

Illustration 2
Narrative illustration problems emphasizing academic study of the human figure using various media.
 Hours3.0 Credit, 2.0 Lecture, 4.0 Lab
 PrerequisitesDesign Core.
 ProgramsContaining DESIL 351
Course Outcomes

Oil Painting Methods and Materials

Students will be able to proficiently use the oil medium, including mark-making with palette knives and brushes, selecting quality materials, observing subjects carefully, mixing colors accurately, using direct and indirect painting methods, and controlling pigments with suitable mediums to form various consistencies and textures.

Thematic Expression

Students will be able to create images that communicate uplifting ideas with clarity and taste, consider the potential for spiritually inspiring themes, and identify opportunities for positive cultural influence through the practice of illustration.

Composition, Drawing and Value

Students will be able to apply principles of design to representational painting, including compositional aesthetics and the role of value contrast in the naturalists depiction of form. Students will have the ability to identify appealing shapes and edges as well as control value to indicate plane, atmosphere, and spatial depth with simple masses of tone.

Color and Light

Students will be able to apply color theory to portray naturalistic effects of light striking objects as well as analyze the three fundamental attributes of color-hue, value, and chroma-to mix paint, match colors, and identify color temperature relationships. Students will have the ability to observe how light sources influence the color characteristics of objects and how surrounding objects alter reflected color.

Historical and Professional Context

Students will be familiar with historical and contemporary views of representational realist painting, including naturalistic and narrative approaches as well as metaphorical and conceptual ones. Students will have the ability to apply these ideas by synthesizing techniques and concepts to create an illustration that conveys a meaningful story or idea.